Sample Profile


Veronica Lodge (Andrews/Mantle/Doiley)

Last Updated:    February 10, 2010


Mailing Address:    Riverdale, IN USA


Spouse/Partner Full Name: If a PHHS grad, include grad year    Archie Andrews-PHHS '61/ now divorced


Occupation:    play girl


Children:    Son - Archie Andrew, Jr. -1965
Son - Maximillian Mantle -1970
daughter - Dorothy Doiley - 1980
assorted step kids, half-kids, grandkids, and whatevers


Birthday:    January 1, 1943


Which schools did you attend K-12?    Roosevelt
Washington Junior High
Port Huron High 


What activities did you participate in at PHHS?    Hall Monitor/ cheerleader/ class troublemaker/
gossip/ general twit 


What did you do after PHHS?    Married Archie and had 1st kid.
Married Reggie for his money 'cuz Archie was a cheapskate. Had 2nd kid with Reggie and then divorced him 'cuz he was fooling around with his secretary.
Bought home in Malibu and married Dilton Doiley, the class brain, who is helping me invest all my money. We can't divorce 'cuz of California's community property laws. 


Hobbies & Interests over the years    Shopping, hair, nails, massages, clubbing, skinny dipping, surfing, disco dancing and motorcycling. 


Attending Reunion: An indication of intent; lots of time to decide.    Yes


School Story:    My stories could fill a comic book! LOL


Living the life of luxury on Social SecuritySaS