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Linda Elizabeth Lucas

Linda Elizabeth Lucas

Linda Elizabeth Lucas, 64, of Port Huron, died Friday, August 24, 2007 of complications from cancer. 

She was born March 19, 1943 in Port Huron and was a life-long area resident. She was the daughter of former St. Clair County Sheriff Ferris E. Lucas and Isabelle Kirkpatrick Lucas, a registered nurse from Petrolia, Ontario. 

She graduated from Port Huron High School in 1961 and later from Mott College. She received her Nurse's cap from Hurley Hospital School of Nursing, Flint. She worked in the former Margaret Jenks Pediatric Unit of Port Huron Hospital and also did private duty nursing. A talented cloth doll marker, she was the owner of Lucasdolls Inc. and also an avid quilter.

She was a member of Grace Episcopal Church and an Associate member of the Community of St. Frances, San Francisco. She was the founder, study leader and a member of the Daughters of the King. She was a past Chairman of the St. Clair County Young Republicans, was the founder and leader of the Comstock Hills 4-H Youth Group and was a past Superintendent of the St. Clair County 4-H Youth Fair. She was an active member of the Arthritis Foundation's YMCA Aquatic Program and had several close friends there.

She is survived by her daughter, Laurie A. Lucas and a son, James E. Lucas, both of Livingston County; a son and daughter-in-law, Ferris E and Lisa Lucas; and two grandchildren, Grace and Hannah, all of Fort Gratiot. 

She was preceded in death by her parents, and her life-long best friend, Jeanette Mann Lawson of Ladson SC.

Services were held Sunday, August 26, 2007 with Reverend Robert Trask officiating. 

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Milton W Bush

Linda Elizabeth Lucas expired in August, 2007 in Avoca. Three children. She was a practicing R.N. in private duty work.
The daughter of Ferris E. and Isabelle E. Lucas. Younger brother, Ferris Edward Lucas,II ("Ed")(MSU 1968.),Ferris was the County Sheriff, then the president of The National Sheriffs' Association, forever. He expired in 1992, age 83. The Mom in 1991, age 82. He was a powerhouse executive for the association; its main lobbyist on the Hill; and promoted hundreds of methods and standards for U.S. law enforcement for decades. Fingerprints, radios, car types, semi-automatic pistol specs., lie detector methods, speed radar, aircraft patrols, water patrols, personnel training standards, college degree standards, and just about everything else.

Linda was five, and chased out into the snow in her p.j.'s. Feb 1949: the huge fire which consumed the courthouse, sheriff's building and the firehouse. A day or two later it was a pile of bricks 15 feet high; one acre of rubble.

Around 1958, Watson Drive was built (Mrs. Watson was the PHGC chef for eons). Ferris built the first house on the street; very nice. Chuck Rowe's folks built a house a few doors west on Fairway Drive - at the 18th green.

Linda was always a very cheery student; big smile. She studied at a hospital nursing school; got her R.N. diploma. Married Ron Babel. I think they lived in Smiths Creek. Had kids. For a few years, she worked as a residential building contractor. Then, returned to nursing. Moved to Avoca without Ron. They split in 1986.

Ferris was a big guy. He could have a very stern expression. Around 1952, Jack and Mae Payton threw a fourth of July party. Big house on the water; big yard; nice C.C. speed boat. About 40 were invited for an afternoon picnic, followed by evening fireworks. We lived across the street, 2847 Military. Burgers, hot dogs and chips and everything else. Ferris had a very big trunk load of fireworks. Roman candles, pinwheels, ladyfingers, one-inchers, 4 inchers, rockets, smoke bombs, cherry bombs. Of course cops have the best stuff. I just got three sparklers. My brother got a hundred one-inchers and a stick of punk to light them.

Port Huron had an ordinance: no fireworks. About 9 PM some uninvited neighbor called the PHPD. One officer came and whispered, "stop that." A discussion followed, saying there was an exception.... Then, the lieutenant arrived. More talk - somewhat loud. The officers took the last 20 pounds of explosives away. Party over. I would be quite sure Ferris got the stuff back the next day - "but take it out of town."

Milt Bush
Durham, CT

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